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  • Von Racer prides itself in providing innovative Gaming products that help enhance and simplify the lives of the modern consumer through offering a full range of all-inclusive specialized products that fall under the categories of home, office,chair
  • Guided by the company spirit of pushing the boundaries of modern day thinking, Von Racer is motivated by the overarching goal of providing consumers a solution to every possible need through the utilization of Von Racer products, crafted specifically for high performance and maximum efficiency in their respective category to exceed industry standards.
  • With offices in China, the U.S., Japan, the UK and Germany, Von Racer strives to utilize its expansive platform to further propel its global success and ground breaking product development to continue providing consumers with an unprecedented online shopping experience through offering products for daily use in all aspects of life, globally connecting consumers with experiences to remember.
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  • The brand's General Home line mainly includes classic home Gaming Set such as Chair and the like. Highlighted by specialized features for each Home Gaming category, such as their vibrant colors, solid structure and expert upholstery, the brand's General Home Gaming Set line offers a varied quality selection of products for home Gaming Set.

  • Von Racer Gaming Chair supplies primarily emphasize both computer tables and computer chairs that are constructed with simplicity in mind, supported by modern designs, precision in overall physical structure and the use of high-quality sourced materials. The combination of these foundational attributes aid in creating products known for their practicality and attractive appearance, making them a prime choice for office and study spaces.

Product Review

  • I am not a professional PC gamer and I've never owned a gaming computer chair before, so I decided to see what is this about when my old chair started falling apart. My budget was about $150, so I finally picked this one because of price, shade and color way. Here are some of my opinion after all: Assembly: This chair was relatively easy to put together. If you've ever built any furniture from parts before, this wasn't much different. I put it together myself in about half an hour. Comfort: The bucket-style seat of the chair was the first big thing I noticed in comparison to my old, standard computer chair. While sitting in the chair,my body fits in well. The memory foam lumbar cushion and headrest provide much more comfort. The reclining function of the chair is pretty awesome and adjustable armrest height. I don't generally lean too far back in it, but it's nice to have the reclining function when doing low-intensity activities like watching movies. Overall: I'm definitely satisfied with this chair at the price I paid for it (under $140). It took a while to get used to it, but I'm really enjoying this chair now.

  • This chair is unbelievable. It's looks and feels alot better in person. It's huge!!! The cushions are so comfortable, after sitting on it for hours. I still feel so energetic. Looks exactly like an racing seat in a race car. The casters are really smooth. It rolls around really smooth. Exactly like how I want it. Really nicey made. Love it

  • Love this chair for our office/front gaming & homework room. It does the job perfectly. Comfortable, sturdy, easy to clean, etc. Video says it all. It was well-packaged upon arrival. Took a bit of time to put together, and the instructions were fairly decent. There were some bolt sizes that were listed incorrectly in the instructions - attaching the trim on the side is where this occurs. Pay attention to the plastic pieces that go around the chair stem, as there were 3 pieces and by mistake we only attached two thinking there were two and not mentioned in instructions. But since there are three, and you want to a fix them properly, do it as one of the first things in chair setup. Pillow is detachable if you so choose. Chair back goes back far but not flat, and back and seat are both adjustable in firmness and height respectively. Really nice purchase. I love the gray color, too!

  • Bought this to put in my parents' new home so my dad can sit comfortably using the computer, or for myself when I visit them. It's quite sturdy, and the material is of quality. The base is made of metal unlike some of the cheaper options on the market. It came in a big box and there were actually two delivery people carrying it together. All of the many available adjustments can be done easily. The wheels move around with ease. The chair supports my back comfortably. It comes with a neck pillow, which I never use because this types of stuff in general actually makes my neck hurt after a while, but I guess that's just me. Overall a very solid chair.

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